I’ve had my home taken from me.  That was enough.

My neighbors laughed.  That was enough.

Someone did all of this on purpose.  That was, also, enough.

My freedom of speech will NOT be taken from me.

Under advisement from my lawyers, I have edited some of the previous posts.  This is only to protect my parents.  This story needs to be told and I will continue to tell it.

Lawsuits are pending and all I can hope is that the results of the investigation will come soon.  Even then, though, I cannot return to what was my home.

Even when it is rebuilt, I cannot return to what was my home.

I was raised to believe that property rights are sacred.  I had no reason to think that anyone had lied to me about that.

Perhaps I was wrong.  I went, within a week, from owning a piece of property to owning nothing.

How did this happen?  I’ll explain the best that I can but I warn you: it makes no sense.

The Association that seems to rule the place that I used to live is currently retaining an attorney to do nothing but ensure that I never reside on MY piece of property again.

On what grounds?  I would really love to know.  I’ve heard the most interesting slue of lies and slanderous stories over the last forty eight hours, all while attempting to salvage what is left, move into a temporary living situation, comfort my parents, provide investigators with any and all information, keep some sort of sanity, support my husband…and I can’t even go on with the list because I have lost much of my ability to reasonably process information.

My points are these:

Property rights mean nothing.

The things my family taught me are not true.

People who have enough money can do whatever they want.

Keep this in mind, reader, as you look around you.  Know that any of it could be taken away from you by evil, corrupt people at any time.  Just make sure that when you are alone, in a quiet room, that you can be at peace with yourself.  Make sure that you can sleep at night.  Make sure that your ethics are really your ethics and that they are right in your heart and in your mind.

I know that mine are.  This is the only handle on sanity that I have.

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